Dear taxpayers!

Due to the forthcoming transfer of the operation of all state bodies to use of identification numbers (IIN/BIN) each phisical and legal entity must obtain IIN or BIN.
The IIN of individuals is shown at the bottom of the identity card on the right side of the photo, legal entities have their IIN in the Certificate of State Registration of a Legal Entity.
Using this search functionality you can check the availability of your ID number in the databases of the tax authorities.


In the absence of information on your IIN in search results or in case when displayed IIN is incorrect, it is necessary to contact a tax authority at place of your residence with the document evidencing the existence of IIN, in order to make changes to the database of tax authorities.
If you have never had an identification number, please contact the judicial authorities for its execution.
Information about the payment of taxes of the parent company is provided in view of its branches.